Research Highlights

Global climate change impacts vegetation on tropical mountains

Early warning: global climate change can severely disrupt the delicate balance of life...more

Grassland/ wasteland: the politics of nomenclature

Miscellaneous use of grasslands compromises the habitat that supports critically endangered species...more

Cities, climate and water

Urbanization and climate change impact availability, quality and distribution of water....more

Academy Matters

Tropical forests and water in a changing world: Adding soil degradation to the equation for more realism

Leendert Adriaan Bruijnzeel @ATREE auditorium at 11:00 am on Monday, 15th December, 2014 ...more

Animals with rich histories: 
the case of the lions of Gir forest, Gujarat, India

Mahesh Rangarajan @ATREE auditorium at 11.00 am on 19th September 2014 ...more

Policy & Outreach

India Biodiversity Portal invites you to contribute to National Moth Week

Get a night life...observe moths. National Moth Week. New citizen science event. 19-27 July 2014...more

Orchids of the Sikkim Himalaya revisited

Orchids of the Sikkim Himalaya revisited...more

FEJI ATREE media fellowships

FEJI ATREE media fellowships...more