Partnerships and collaborations lie at the core of translating our vision into reality and fulfilling our mission at ATREE. We firmly believe that addressing complex environmental and developmental challenges requires a collective effort that transcends boundaries and disciplines. Through partnerships with diverse stakeholders, research institutions, educational bodies, government agencies, outreach platforms, and philanthropic organisations, we amplify our impact and extend the reach of our initiatives.

The synergy achieved through collaboration not only broadens the scope of our work but also enriches it with a variety of perspectives, expertise, and resources. By working hand in hand, we harness the power of collective wisdom to devise innovative solutions, shape informed policies, and inspire transformative actions.

Alliance for Reversing Ecosystem Service Threats

The Alliance was formed by ATREE, Environment Defence Fund (EDF), Columbia University, Foundation for Ecological Security and the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF-CIFOR). It brings together experience and knowledge that reside in the different institutions toward ecosystem restoration in three types of habitats in India’s semi-arid and sub-humid zones.

Biodiversity Collaborative

The Biodiversity Collaborative is a network of institutions engaged in biodiversity science and conservation, that have come together to demonstrate, advocate and highlight the linkages between conservation, sustainable use of biodiversity, and human well-being. We aim to articulate and pilot sustainable, participatory, and inclusive models of economic and human development based on bioresources and ecosystem services.

T N Khoshoo Memorial Award and Lecture

The T N Khoshoo Memorial Award and Lecture was instituted in 2004 to honour the legacy of the world-renowned environmental scientist, Dr Triloki Nath Khoshoo. Dr Khoshoo was first Secretary of the Indian Government’s newly created Department of Environment, in 1982. He played a significant role in the development of India’s environmental policy. Dr Khoshoo was one of the original trustees of ATREE.