ATREE houses six specialist labs that support the work of our researchers with access to state-of-the-art equipment and trained technicians.

Plant Systematics Lab and Herbarium

The lab engages with the research and documentation of plant biodiversity, using molecular and taxonomic approaches to explore and catalogue the diversity of plants across India. This helps form strategies for conservation and bioresource management.

Insect Bio-systematics and Conservation Lab

A cutting-edge research facility dedicated to the study and conservation of insects for human wellbeing. The Lab uses an interdisciplinary approach to develop strategies that conserve insects by understanding how insect diversity responds to various ecosystem functions.

Conservation Genetics Lab

The Lab uses the principles of population genetics to develop frameworks that support the integration of molecular data into the conservation and management of species. It uses molecular tools as well as field-based approaches to understand, conserve and manage diversity.

Ecoinformatics Lab

The Ecoinformatics Lab uses ecological and environmental informatics to facilitate environmental conservation and socially just development. The lab specialises in developing techniques to address these concerns at scale by collaborating with researchers, practitioners and the government. Additionally, the EIL aspires to train the next generation of researchers and to become an open-access hub of environmental geospatial data.

Freshwater Ecology and Conservation Lab

We are a multidisciplinary lab, focusing on the systematics, biogeography, ecology and conservation of different taxa. We tackle projects in geoinformatics and ecology that contribute to conservation planning, and also train interns and researchers in data mining, species distribution modelling and molecular taxonomy.

Water and Soil Lab

The  lab supports multiple interdisciplinary projects housed at the CED and CBC centres. These projects are aimed at lake restoration, implementing decentralised wastewater treatment systems, designing nature-based solutions, climate change mitigation and adaptation among others.