Plant Systematics and Herbarium Lab

The lab engages with research in documentation of plant biodiversity, using taxonomic and molecular tools to explore and catalogue the diversity of plants across India. This helps form strategies for biodiversity conservation and bioresource management.

Key Areas of Work


We generate new knowledge through exploration, documenting the diversity of the selected plant groups across Indian forests, and use molecular and computational tools to unravel evolutionary relationships at the regional and global scale.


Cataloguing plant diversity in India is very critical for conservation planning and bioresource management in India and across the world.


The integrated taxonomic approach helps to understand the unified view of the systematic position and the role played by the selected plant group in the global biogeography and the evolution of biodiversity in the Indian subcontinent.


Understanding the patterns and trends across species richness, species range shifts and biogeography to enable the conservation of plant species facing the threat of habitat loss, fragmentation and invasive species.


R. Ganesan
Senior Fellow
Keerthana R
Nabasmita Malakar
Nabasmita Malakar
Batch: 2019
Yogesh Bangal
Yogesh M Bangal
Batch: 2021
Dupjang Lepcha
Dupjang Lepcha
Research Associate
Deeke Doma Tamang
Batch: 2019