Deeke Doma Tamang
Batch: 2019
Phd Title: Patterns of bio-resource utilization and their management in Sikkim Himalaya
Phd Guide: R. Ganesan

The research focuses on diversity and quantifying the bio-resource use and trade in Sikkim Himalaya. My study will address the issue of critical data gaps which are essential for sustainable utilization and management of bio-resources and the biodiversity in Sikkim.


  • Swapna, M., Doma, T. D., Arunima, S., Ravikanth, G., Mariappan, M., & Rengaian, G. (2021). Ecological Determinants of Woody Plant Species Richness in the Indian Himalayan Forest. Spatial Modeling in Forest Resources Management: Rural Livelihood and Sustainable Development, 103-123.



  • Fellowship award for the year 2022-23 under the scheme “National
  • Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students” to pursue Ph.D. degree