Certificate Courses

Academy Certificate Courses are designed to be helpful to students, professionals, policymakers, practitioners, research and advocacy groups interested in environmental and sustainable development. The courses provide hands-on experience through practical sessions to give participants an opportunity to place their learning in practical contexts.

Upcoming Certificate Courses

Living Utopias: Visions and Actions for Sustainable Futures

This course is designed to introduce its participants to the urgency in combating the crisis of Industrialism an ideology of unlimited material growth that has brought humanity to the brink of ecological and societal collapse. And some key imaginations and visions of a good society towards sustainable futures for everyone. The course showcases some examples of communities and organisations that have built alternative approaches to living, being, and doing, which we term as Living Utopias. 

Date: Oct 5 – Oct 8, 2023 (32 contact hours)
Venue: ATREE
Last date of registration: September 15, 2023 

For more detail contact Pallavi Varma Patil at pallavi.vp@atree.org

Certificate course on Open Data Kit

Open Data Kit (ODK) is an open source application for android platform which is made for spatial and non-spatial data collection that includes location information, photos, video and audio by a localized form. This workshop intends to introduce the principles, structure of the app and how to create customized forms for any field data collection.

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Researcher 

Academy will organise an annual workshop on “Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Researcher” by Dr. Shamim Modi, who chairs the Centre for Law and Society under the School of Law, Rights, and Constitutional Governance at TISS and is a governing board member for the Forum for Medical Ethics Society (FMES)

The workshop on “Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Researcher” will be pedagogically based on learning about personal and social competencies through experiential exercises and summing it up by discussing its relevance in various research situations. The outcome of the experiential learnings from the workshop would also enhance emotional competencies to deal with situations in personal lives.