Study in India

India has a unique ecology and its inhabitants share an intricate relationship with nature that has spanned centuries. The Study in India programme at ATREE offers international students opportunities to conduct research. The Academy has a strong presence in the field through its five Community-based Conservation Centres  (CCCs). These Centres, located across the country, champion community interactions that advance reciprocal learning and environmental governance in the local landscapes. The programme allows students to engage with these communities. The programme also facilitates access to our project sites spread across different  landscapes and biodiversity hotspots in India.

Key Takeaways

Provides diverse skills for science communication, dissemination and outreach. Creates interdisciplinary academics. Educates and mentors interdisciplinary leaders in conservation, sustainability and human well-being.


Community-based Conservation

We produce research pertinent to and usable by local communities across India from western ghats to eastern himalayas to the grasslands of western India.

Mentor Support

Interns will be mentored by ATREE Faculty from diverse disciplines with decades of experience in addressing complex conservation and sustainability issues across landscapes.

Interdisciplinary Research

Our researchers work across the social and natural sciences to generate socially relevant, interdisciplinary knowledge in conservation science and sustainability studies.

ATREE collaborating with University College London (UCL) and University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) for joint teaching on conservation themes. The activity is intended to enrich learning at each institution to complement the formal curriculum Academy signed an MoU with South Asia Center at the University of Pennsylvania for an internship exchange program. ATREE will host students from Penn University as part of their summer internship program- 2023. University of Stirling and ATREE to sign an agreement on a collaborative/ joint program with the exchange of PhD candidates and/or in co-supervision agreements/ or collaborative teaching for MSc courses. ATREE is collaborating with Birmingham University for  Collaborative Research and Education programs. Exploring the possible collaboration interms of joint teaching, students exchange program and research. EchoNetwork: The academy hosted the SAGE (Sustainability Ambassadors Global Exchange) Program by Echo Network. This is a short-term exchange program (STEP) for Indian and Nordic Masters or Ph.D. students from social, natural, physical, and engineering sciences, including an immersive and interactive program to understand cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary research surrounding current on-ground issues facing India.