Chapter 4. Value Expression in Decision-making.

Barton, David N. Chaplin-Kramer, Becky Lazos Chavero, Elena Van Noordwijk, Meine Engel, Stefanie Girvan, Alexander Hahn, Thomas Leimona, Beria Lele, Sharachchandra Muradian, Roldan Niamir, Aidin Özkaynak, Begüm Pawlowska-Mainville, Agnieszka Ungar, Paula Nelson, Sara Aydin, Cem Iskender Iranah, Pricila Cantú, Mariana González-Jiménez, David

April 16, 2022

This chapter links diverse values of nature as communicated through different value articulation (“valuing” and valuation) processes to decision-making and its outcomes. It reviews the underlying causes of treating impacts on nature as external to, and ignored in, decisions by current political, economic and socio-cultural actors and institutions (i.e., conventions, norms and rules), and describes how on-the-ground drivers of nature’s decline can be transformed towards recovery, focusing on land and sea use. The modalities and practice of explicit valuation of nature (preceding chapter) in support of decisions, and the decision-making processes themselves, may need to further evolve to achieve global sustainability goals, the CBD 2050 vision of living in harmony with nature and the recent Kunming Declaration of the CBD.