Centre for
Policy Design

CPD is involved with undertaking projects to create exemplars and best practices for improved land management. We are also engaged with other programmes at ATREE, providing support and outlining and pursuing policy goals within respective Centres.

Deshnok Oran: Restoring an Ancient Oran for People and Biodiversity in Rajasthan

The project aims to integrate social and ecological dimensions to restore an ancient, but sacred common land, associated water catchment and water harvesting structures in the Thar Desert. The project aims to combat land degradation through a restoration framework that is sustainable and replicable to support local livelihoods in water scarce environments. This project is funded by DCB Bank.

Restoring Grasslands for Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Livelihoods and Climate Mitigation in Maharashtra​

We have a 3 year plan to restore 50 hectares of grassland in Maharashtra inside the reserve forest of Supe Wildlife Sanctuary and Kendur village commons. This will consist of restoring native grasses and shrubs at densities that are ecologically and hydrologically compatible with these areas. The project is funded by DCB Bank and will be supported by the Maharashtra Forest Department, Gram Panchayats of Kendur and Supe and the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Policy Advocacy for Open Natural Ecosystems​

Open Natural Ecosystems have not received much attention within conservation policy, that primarily focuses on forests. Additionally, a significant portion of these are classified as wastelands. CPD is working on drawing policy attention to these ONEs and preventing large-scale conversion that affects both biodiversity and livelihoods.

There is a need to assess implementation of FRA and forest governance policies. This involves preparing and communicating actionable strategies to strengthen the policy and institutional frameworks relating to Community Forest Rights under the Forest Rights Act under Centre for Environment and Development’s ongoing programme. 

Developing a thorough policy analysis framework to identify pertinent laws, policies, and stakeholders related to Lake Rejuvenation. This will further inform the forthcoming stakeholder engagement workshop, to be hosted by ATREE’s Water and Society Programme, which aims to consolidate lake protection guidelines.

Invasive Species

Invasive species are a significant threat to biodiversity and human-well being. We are building policy goals and communicating policy requirements for invasive species management in India based on research by the Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Planning Programme.

Assessing policy enablers and challenges for agroforestry in India. TOFI intends to create inclusive economic opportunities and enhance ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration.

Invasive Species

Communicating policy requirements for invasive species management in India based on research by the Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Planning Programme

Maharashtra Forest Department

As part of its ‘Grassland Conservation Programme’, the Wildlife division of the Pune Forest Department has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ATREE and The Grassland Trust for regeneration of the savannah grasslands spread over three districts in Maharashtra. The MoU was signed on February 14, 2024 by Tushar Chavhan, Deputy Conservator of Forests (Wildlife). We will assist the forest department with the regeneration of the savannah grasslands at Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pune; Great Indian Bustard (GIB) Sanctuary, Solapur; and Ahmednagar district.

Pune Municipal Corporation

We are partnering with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in Maharashtra to restore grasslands.The aim of this collaboration is to work on restoration of savanna grasslands on village common lands using scientifically and socially sound methods. The pilot projects started in Kendur and Gulunche village lands in Pune district in 2023 with the aim of experimenting with grass nursery creation, in-situ and ex-situ plantation of native grasses outside Protected Areas while monitoring their survival and other ecological conditions in the habitat. The focus will be community-led management of the grasslands

The Grasslands Trust

The Grasslands Trust (TGT), a Pune-based organisation, is our implementation partner in Maharashtra for the restoration projects in Supe and Kedur. TGT conducts wildlife tracking, documenting natural history, conducting wildlife awareness programs, training private and government institutions, promoting ecotourism, and collaborative study with locals, researchers and volunteers.

Ecological Restoration Alliance

Ecological Restoration Alliance (ERA-India)  is a group of organisations and individuals directly engaged in fostering the practice of ecological restoration and generating knowledge about ecosystem restoration. The CPD will house the policy desk of the Alliance.