Centre for Policy Design

For almost three decades, ATREE has generated rigorous interdisciplinary knowledge to inform policy and practice towards conservation and sustainability. ATREE engages with a range of policy stakeholders to create an impact that balances the tradeoffs between addressing chronic poverty and inequality whilst promoting the conservation of landscapes and sustaining ecosystem services. Many of these policy interventions emerged as a result of ATREE’s extensive knowledge and long term engagement with issues such as water quality and management, biodiversity conservation, forest rights and governance and invasive species.

The Centre for Policy Design was instituted in 2019 to facilitate the dialogue between Science-Policy-Praxis and enable advocacy for scientifically and ecologically sound policy in the country, drawing from ATREE’s wide-ranging expertise, knowledge and experience.

Currently, we are working on a range of ecological and environmental policy issues related to:

  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Forest Governance
  • Water and Society
  • Invasive Species
  • Biodiversity Conservation 

Core Support

 Project Support

Key Areas 

Current Engagement

CPD is undertaking a suite of projects to create exemplars of  best practices for sustainable land management. We also engage with core thematic programmes at ATREE, to  pursue policy goals for the Centres.

Current Engagement

Knowledge Generation

CPD aims to generate a repository of knowledge on environmental policy. We conduct in-depth policy analysis, develop thematic policy, strategies and produce policy briefs, factsheets, reports and white papers to advance the understanding of environmental policy in India.

Knowledge Generation

Outreach and Communication

Research findings need to be strategically conveyed to policymakers and other relevant stakeholders. We invest in targeted communications plans to reach our audience.

Outreach and Communication


We build partnerships and networks with communities, government and civil society to implement effective policy design.

Maharashtra Forest Department
Pune Municipal Corporation