Phylogeny of the Braconinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae): A new tribal order!

Donald L. J. Quicke, Jovana M. Jasso-Martínez, A. P. Ranjith, Michael J. Sharkey, Ramya Manjunath, Suresh Naik, Paul D. N. Hebert, Dharma Rajan Priyadarsanan, Jessa Thurman, Buntika A. Butcher

Systematic Entomology | 12 September, 2023

Generic relationships within the parasitoid wasp subfamily Braconinae are assessed based on a molecular phylogenetic analysis of four gene fragments: mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I, 16S rDNA, nuclear 28S D2-D3 rDNA and elongation factor 1-alpha. Our results support the recognition of Aphrastobraconini, Braconini and Coeloidini plus three new tribes: Compsobraconini tribus nov., Tropobraconini tribus nov. and Virgulibraconini tribus nov. The first of these new tribes is restricted to the New World; the second includes the Old World genera Tropobracon Cameron, Trispinaria Quicke and Grangerbracon Samartsev and Belokobylskij and possibly others, whereas the third comprises the Australian genus Virgulibracon Quicke, plus several other described and undescribed Australian genera. Consistent placement of Amyosoma Viereck with members of the Virgulibraconini tribus nov. is discussed, whereas Amyosoma is left currently unplaced. A preliminary key to tribes is presented, and the characters used to differentiate between Aphrastobraconini and Braconini are revised. Megacoeloides Quicke was never recovered with Coeloides, the type genus of Coeloidini, so it is treated as Braconinae incertae sedis. By combining molecular and morphological traits, nearly all valid genera are assigned to tribes, and the possible relationships of the remainder are discussed. Alienoclypeus Shenefelt, 1978 is synonymised with Atanycolus Förster, 1862 (Atanycolus insolitus (Shenefelt) comb. nov.). Several new genera have been revealed and will be described elsewhere.