Research Associate

Ranjith AP
Research Associate

Ranjith AP is a postdoctoral researcher at Insect Biosystematics and Conservation Laboratory, specializing in hymenopteran parasitoids of the Oriental region. His research interests span the systematics and taxonomy of Braconid, Ichneumonid, and Bethylid fauna. He explores the diversity, behaviour and history of these insect groups, shedding light on their evolutionary relationships. Other than the taxonomy and systematics of hymenopteran parasitoids, he also focuses on their role in rice pest management and eco-biology. He investigates insect-plant interactions, particularly plant galls and their associated parasitoids, uncovering complex co-evolutionary dynamics and ecological implications therein. With a record of 55 published papers, Ranjith has contributed significantly to entomology by describing eight new genera and 72 new species. He is the subject editor of the journal Check List and subject reviewer of parasitic Hymenoptera for 13 scientific journals. His research enriches our understanding of insect biodiversity and provides valuable resources for future studies.


Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, London, UK.

Recipient of Dr. C. Chandrasekharan Memorial Award for the best researcher in the field of Forest Conservation and Management constituted by Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi, Kerala.

Member of International Society of Hymenopterists, Toronto, Canada.

Member of The Systematics Association, London, UK.

Member of Malabar Natural History Society, Kerala, India.