Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation

The Centre’s primary work is to build a repository of knowledge concerning India’s biodiversity, ecosystem functions and ecosystem services through concerted exploration and assessment of every ecosystem type within the country.

Our faculty is as diverse as India’s landscapes, bringing together a range of interdisciplinary knowledge and research methodologies, as well as galvanizing awareness and encouraging community and social support for conservation.

We hope to detangle the complex web of social, political, economic and environmental change, as well as the reasons and impact of these changes on biodiversity and local communities.


Study India’s biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services in relation to local and global changes and challenges.

Promote awareness of the importance of biodiversity for human welfare and encourage support for conservation efforts.

Develop fair and sustainable governance models that involve the participation of all stakeholders.

Determine the scale and intensity of human activities that are compatible with biodiversity conservation.

Prioritize outreach and natural resource management efforts based on the value and role of biodiversity.


Biodiversity, Monitoring and Conservation Planning

This programme seeks to document, monitor, and conserve India’s biodiversity
through field explorations and integrative taxonomy. The programme aims to build a deeper understanding of biodiversity and the effect of threats such as climate change and large-scale development with an overarching goal to support biodiversity conservation and restoration efforts in India.

Biodiversity, Monitoring and Conservation Planning

Ecosystems and Human Well-being

This programme seeks to explore, understand and communicate the complexity of these services and their relationship to our well-being, their co-production and their implications for environmental justice and sustainable ecosystems.

Ecosystems and Human Well-being

Resilient Urbanscapes

The programme was set up to explore, research and monitor urban biodiversity and its distribution in human dominated landscapes, while assessing ecosystem processes and services.

Resilient Urbanscapes