To Be a Bee

Research : Chethana Casiker

Script : Rebekah S.J

Art : Savio Macarenhas

Letters : Pranay Bendre

Bees might make some of us a bit jittery, Shikari Shambu’s adventures shed light on the incredible world of solitary bees. These little wonders might be small in size, but their impact on our environment is colossal.

These tiny marvels are responsible for the bounty of food that graces our tables. Imagine this: as solitary bees visit flowers to collect nectar, they inadvertently become nature’s matchmakers, transferring pollen from one bloom to another. This crucial act of pollination ensures the successful reproduction of countless plants, including the fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

ATREE’s bee hotels provide a much-needed refuge for pollinators in our urban landscapes. While cities offer plenty of food sources for these essential insects, they often lack suitable nesting sites, particularly dry and dead wood. Our bee hotel residents play a vital role in pollinating the plants on your terrace or balcony gardens, enhancing the yield of delicious and nutritious homegrown food.

This comic is created in collaboration with Tinkle Comics Studio based on the work of Chethana Casiker, Sunil G M, Jagadish Kumar B, Maria Antony, Tamizhazhagan S, and soubadra devy