Training, capacity development and decision-making support for CFR rights recognition in Bastar district


Bastar district in Chhattisgarh state has more than 40% of its area covered with forests, and almost 80% of its population is forest-dependent. In October 2021, we launched a one-year project, “Training, Capacity Building, and Decision Support for Community Forest Resource Rights recognition and Management in Bastar District, Chhattisgarh”. Our primary goal is to enhance the capacities of gram sabhas in Bastar district to claim CFR rights and develop management plans that allow for sustainable forest use and equitable livelihood enhancement. Simultaneously, we aim to enhance the capacities of the district administration to strengthen the processing and recognition of CFRR claims and to promote convergence of government policies and programmes to integrate livelihood enhancement with decentralised forest governance.

We developed a GIS-based Decision Support system for Community Forest Resource (CFR) area mapping in the form of a mobile app named ‘Aamcho CFR Mapping’. 

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