Adjunct Fellows

Joydeep Bhattacharjee
Professor, University of Louisiana

Dr. Joydeep Bhattacharjee is a Professor in the School of Sciences, at the University of Louisiana, Monroe. He has over 16 years of teaching experience at the university and has been conducting field research both nationally and internationally for over two decades. Dr. Bhattacharjee holds the Charles Allen Endowed Professorship for his contributions in the areas of research and teaching at the university. As an ecologist, his research interests span areas such as the estimation of carbon and water fluxes at the forest level using the Eddy Covariance method, forest stress assessment and species recognition using CNN (convolutional neural network – deep learning) with UAV-collected data, bottomland hardwood forest succession, and riparian communities. In addition to his research in the US, Dr. Bhattacharjee has a deep connection with the mountains of the eastern Himalaya. He spent his early life in Bhutan, then moved to India, and is now settled in the US. His penchant to carry out research in mountain ecosystems began early in his career. He began working with the ATREE Regional Office Eastern Himalaya-Northeast India, in various capacities since 2012. As an adjunct fellow, he continues to explore the riparian ecosystems along the Teesta River with colleagues from the ATREE Regional Office. He has undertaken collaborative research projects in the Himalaya, involving graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Louisiana, Monroe, US, to study the impacts of damming a fast-flowing river. In addition to his passion for ecosystem-research, when time allows, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, traveling, and cooking.



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Obaiah B
Sr. Library & Information Officer
Sriram Ravichandran
Placement, Communications, and Certificate Course Manager
Madhavi Latha
Pallavi Varma Patil
Lead – Collaborations and Partnerships
Siddhartha Krishnan
Senior Fellow & Convenor, ATREE Academy