Shweta Basnett

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Shweta Basnett
Fulbright Fellow, University of Maryland, USA
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Thesis Title: 
Influence of phenological patterns and climate change on plant pollinator interactions of high altitude Rhododendron species in Sikkim, Himalayas
Date of Graduation: 
21.10.2019, Monday
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Journal Articles

Shweta Basnett, Shivaprakash K. Nagaraju, Robbie Hart, Soubadra M. Devy 2021 Floral traits and community phylogenetic structure shape plant-pollinator interactions in co-occurring Rhododendrons in the Himalaya Volume 53,2021,125646,ISSN 1433-8319,
Basnett, S., Devy, S.M. 2021 Phenology determines leaf functional traits across Rhododendron species in the Sikkim Himalaya Springer, Alp Botany (2021).