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Savitha Swamy
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Thesis title: Reshaping neighbourhood parks for biodiversity and people: a studyon pocket green spaces in Bangalore, India. Degree awarded in January 2013. Publications

    Swamy, S and S.Devy. In press.Employing butterflies as cultural keystone species—a window of opportunity towards enriching urban biodiversity in Bangalore, India. In: Invertebrate diversity and conservation in the Western Ghats(edsPriyadarsanan, D.R.,S.Devy, K. A. Subramanian, N. A. Aravindand N.K.Seena. Bangalore: Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment.
    Devy, S and S.Swamy.In press.Reshaping neighbourhood parks for biodiversity and people: a case of unsung socio-ecological systems in Bangalore, India. In: Socio-ecological systems in transition, Global Environmental Series. Tokyo: Springer.
    Swamy, S and S. Devy. 2010. Forests, heritage green spaces and neighbourhood parks: Citizens’ attitude and perception towards ecosystem services in Bangalore. Journal of Resources Energy and Development 7(2):117-122.
    Devy, S., S. Swamy and N. A. Aravind. 2009. Reshaping urban green spaces. Economic and Political Weekly 44(46):25-27.
    Savitha, S., N.Barve, P. Davidar. 2008. Response of ant diversity to disturbance gradient in and around Bangalore, India. Journal of Tropical Ecology 49 (2): 273-277.

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09.01.2013, Wednesday
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