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Kavitha B
Associate Professor, Maharani Science College for Women, Bangalore
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Current position: Associate Professor and Head, Department of Microbiology, Maharani's Science College for Women, Bangalore Emailbkavinair@gmail.com Thesis title: Microbial diversity of earthworm burrow wall. Degree awarded in May 2012. Publications

  • Kavitha B., D. J. Bagyaraj and D. Radha Kale. 2012. Microflora of earthworm burrow wall. Dynamic Soil, Dynamic Plant 6 (Special Issue 1): 38-42.
  • Kavitha, B. and D. J. Bagyaraj. 2011. Antagnistic activity of drilosphere bacteria and actinomycetes against plant pathogens. Journal of Soil Biology and Ecology 31: 236-238.
  • Kavitha, B. and D.J.Bagyaraj. 2010. Fungal diversity in the burrow wall soil of Lampitomauritii. Journal of Soil Biology and Ecology 30: 123-133.
  • Kavitha, B., B. G. Savithri and D.J.Bagyaraj. 2008. Cellulolytic activity of bacteria and fungi isolated from earthworm burrow wall soil. Journal of Soil Biology and Ecology 28: 44-52.
  • Mathias, A.J., Madhuravani, M.A., Kavitha, B. 2002. Incidence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other bacterial indicators in drinking water supplies in Bangalore city. Indian Journal of Microbiology 42(1): 83-85.
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23.05.2012, Wednesday
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