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Chetan Misher
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The role of invasive species in mediating inter-species interactions in socio-ecological systems

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Journal Articles

Pankaj Joshi, Chetan Misher & Ovee Thorat 2017 New record of Agamid lizard trapelus agilis olivier, 1804 (squamata: agamidae) from Gujarat, India Russian Journal of Herpetology, Vol 24, No. 1, pp 78-80.
Chetan Misher, Hemant Bajpai, Santosh Bhattarai, Prerna Sharma, Rishi Sharma & Nirdesh Kumar 2017 Observation on the Breeding of Indian Long-billed vulture Gyps indicus at Gapernath, Chambal River in Rajasthan, India Vulture News 72.