Biswa Bhusana Mahapatra

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Biswa Bhusana Mahapatra
PhD Candidate


Integrated M.Sc (Life Science), National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Odisha, India


  • “Herping Trail Odisha - 2”, organised by People for Animals, Angul, Odisha, India, Sep 17-18, 2016
  • One day Author workshop conducted by Elsevier in association with National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Odisha, India, 23rd Aug 2017
  • “Workshop on Statistical Methods and R programming for Biologists”, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata, March 7 -13, 2018
  • “Workshop on Bioresource Database in Research and Education”, Indian Bio-resources Information Network, School of Ecology and Conservation, UAS Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, December 10-11, 2018
  • “Workshop on Open Data Kit (ODK) for Field Researchers” organised by The Academy for Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies, ATREE, Bangalore, 12-14 December 2018
  • “Summer school in Geospatial Technologies”, organised by National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, July 11-31, 2019


  • Presented a talk on "Distribution and determinants of animal invasive species" in ATBC 2021, July 21-23.
  • Presented a poster on "Potential distribution and extent of niche shift in invasive mammals across the globe" in Ecology Across Borders 2021, Dec 9 -15.
  • Presented PhD research progress in MAHE PhD conclave 2022, May 27-28.
  • Anwesha Saha, Mateusz Baca, Danijela Popović, Zeinolabedin Mohammadi, Biswa Bhusana Mahapatra, Urban Olsson, Lucja Fostowicz-Frelik, "Towards filling the gap: Lagomorpha evolutionary puzzle" in ASM 2022, June 17-21.

Teaching Experience​

  • “Hands-on workshop on basics of GIS”, IIBM Guwahati, organised by ATREE,  Feb 10-12, 2020 (TA)
  • “Technical workshop on basics of mollusc taxonomy and ecology”, IIBM Guwahati, organised by ATREE, Feb 12-15, 2020 (Lecture on Basic GIS and applications)
  • "Training on Ecological Niche Modelling for scientists of ICFRE, Dehradun" organised by CES, IISc Bengaluru, Dec 6-10, 2021 (Hands-on Max-Ent SDM, and Generating Map using QGIS)
  • Winter school on "Horticultural Biodiversity for Livelihood and Nutritional Security in the Era of Anthropocene and Climate change", ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru, Mar 11-31, 2022 (Hands-on Max-Ent SDM)


Professional Memberships

  • British Ecological Society
  • India Research Management Initiative (IRMI)
Thesis Title: 
Identifying potential drivers of invasion and assessing the extent of niche shift in globally invasive vertebrates
Graduation Batch: 

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