What is the state of the art on traditional medicine interventions for zoonotic diseases in the Indian subcontinent? A scoping review of the peer-reviewed evidence base

Festus A. Asaaga, Emmanuel S. Tomude, Mujeeb Rahman, Irfan Shakeer, Nitya S. Ghotge, Sarah J. Burthe, Stefanie M. Schäfer, Abi T. Vanak, Bethan V. Purse & Subhash L. HotiBmc Complementary Medicine And Therapies 

BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies | June 29, 2024

Traditional medicine (TM) interventions are plausible therapeutic alternatives to conventional medical interventions against emerging and endemic zoonotic diseases, particularly in low-and middle-income countries that may lack resources and infrastructure. Despite the growing popularity in the usage of TM interventions, their clinical safety and efectiveness are still contested within conventional healthcare in many countries. New study conducted a scoping review of the peer-reviewed literature that synthesises and maps the evidence on TM interventions for the treatment and prevention of zoonoses on the Indian subcontinent. The region, a global hotspot of biodiversity and emerging infections, is characterised by high prevalence of TM use.