Opportunities and Challenges in Using Remote Sensing for Invasive Tree Species Management, and in the Identification of Restoration Sites in Tropical Montane Grasslands

M. Arasumani , Milind Bunyan , V.V. Robin

Journal of Environmental Management | February 15, 2021

Tropical montane grasslands (TMG) support biodiverse and endemic taxa and provide vital ecosystem services to downstream communities. Nevertheless, invasive alien tree species across the world have threatened tropical grasslands and grassland endemic species. In India, TMG in the Shola Sky Islands of the Western Ghats have been reduced due to exotic tree invasions (Acacias, Pines, and Eucalyptus species). The loss of grassland habitat has, in turn, reduced the range sizes of species endemic to grasslands (plants, birds, amphibians, and mammals), driving some populations to local extinction. Grassland conversion to exotic trees has also impacted ecosystem services in the Western Ghats.