CFR Baiga Chak team’s presentation

CFR Baiga Chak team’s presentation to the taskforce for implementation of PESA & FRA in Madhya Pradesh

9 July, 2023

Members of the task force appointed by the Madhya Pradesh state government visited Dindori District. The task force has been constituted for the effective implementation of PESA and FRA in the state.  Dr. Sharad Lele is a member of the task force.  ATREE’s Baiga Chak team gave a presentation on the situation of PESA and FRA  in the forest villages of Baiga Chak, and ATREE’s work on Individual Forest Rights(IFR), Community Forest Rights(CFR), and forest village-to-revenue village conversion. Task force members, District Level Committee(DLC) members, ZP CEO, and officials of line departments attended the meeting. Balram Padoti and Mohit Mahajan, members of the CFR team presented the team’s analysis of the current status of PESA and FRA in Baiga Chak followed by solutions and recommendations. Balram explained the importance of completing IFR recognition of all fields under cultivation and habitation in forest villages before converting them into revenue villages.