Urban plant diversity



Urban landscapes such as Bengaluru city are heavily human-dominated but with good green cover in public spaces. Plant diversity and the dependent animal communities are largely modified structurally in tune to human use of the landscapes. Plant diversity of Bengaluru are largely introduced and the city is dominated by lifeform such as trees. We work with diverse stakeholders of the city landscape in improving the green cover. Corporate campuses, parks and lakes are the public spaces where we engage diverse stakeholders in improving the green cover.

The exploration and documentation of plant diversity in India was largely in the NE region and Western Ghats of India. The research outcomes of the effort of exploration lead to discover five plant species which have been declared as ‘extinct’ or not reported from India since 1911. Secondly, out of several plant collections of botanical interest, two plant species can become new to science. The manuscripts are under various stages of preparation or incomplete due to non-receipt of required materials from various herbaria or experts.