IndiaZooRisk+: Using OneHealth approaches to understand and co-develop interventions for zoonotic diseases affecting forest communities in India



This is a OneHealth programme in collaboration with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), UK, that primarily looks at three focal neglected zoonotic diseases affecting forest communities of the Western Ghats in southern India – KFD (Kyasanur Forest Disease), Leptospirosis and Scrub Typhus. This project responds to the global health system challenge of the high and evolving burden of zoonotic diseases in tropical forests linked to complex socio-political, ecological and environmental change drivers. The project primarily aims to 1. understand the disease dynamics and epidemiology of the focal zoonotic diseases, and the complex and interacting impacts of biological and socio-economic drivers (forest degradation, land tenure, human mobility and policy, power dynamics and knowledge sharing, belief systems and seasonal ecology) on health outcomes and spread of zoonotic diseases, and 2. co-develop improved interventions and OneHealth capacity.