Designing sustainable urban gardens for Bangalore – Phase-2


There is a critical knowledge gap about what is a sustainable urban landscape. It is well known that green cover in a city is critical to a) maintain healthy and aesthetically pleasing spaces, b) provide greater opportunity for harbouring biodiversity and ecological interactions and c) maintain critical ecosystem services and functions.

And yet, as Indian cities are rapidly losing green to brown and grey, it is pertinent that all available spaces are innovatively used for re-greening them in an ecologically sustainable way. However, we recognise that a major impediment in this regard is the lack of easy, user-friendly, knowledge-driven, sustainable greening tool for urban planners, private homeowners and urban gardeners, which can potentially allow the willing to make the right choices and select the most ecologically appropriate plants. To address this gap, we proposed a host of knowledge-based solutions, tools and pilots that demonstrate how to design urban green spaces sustainably.