Conservation of community-owned forests and biodiversity in Siang and Dibang Valley



The overall goal is to enhance the conservation status and integrity of the Siang Valley landscapes, including two wildlife sanctuaries and the landscapes in which these protected areas are embedded. ATREE, working with the state forest department and the indigenous tribes, will pursue five main objectives:

1.     Strengthen the management of protected areas and the surrounding landscapes by providing technical and financial support for mapping and monitoring biodiversity, training staff, building local leadership (within communities) and meeting other management needs; map all the existing intact or primary forest and their ownership in Siang Valley; and prioritise forests with high biodiversity, high threat-vulnerability and spatial contiguity with the existing PAs for conservation as community or conservation reserves or OECMs

2.     Work with local communities to develop long-term plans for co-management of the area by providing economic incentives for sustainable use of ecosystem services, including the use of instruments such as carbon and biodiversity financing.

3.     Strengthen and create viable institutions and policy instruments to support goals mentioned above and below.

4.     Undertake a systematic scientific programme incorporating traditional knowledge to assess and monitor largely unexplored biological diversity, including plants, selected invertebrates and large mammals.

5.     Build local capacity entrepreneurial skills and leadership for sustainable use and management of bioresources and promote sustainable ecotourism. Capacity building would include awarding a limited number of scholarships to local meritorious students to pursue Master’s and doctoral degrees in environmental/conservation science.