Chudasandra Lake Restoration, Bengaluru



Lake restoration initiative targets a degraded lake ecosystem with interventions focused on improving hydrology and water quality, enhancing biodiversity and promoting human well-being. To achieve these goals, we aim to restore natural flows and drainage patterns, reduce contaminant loadings, and protect and reintroduce diatoms, birds, fishes, plants and other bioresources. The current state of the lake reflects high stagnancy, pollution and dominance of blue-green algae, resulting in depleted biodiversity and adverse impacts on groundwater. However, our vision for the post-restoration state is of a thriving ecosystem with clear waters, abundant dissolved oxygen and diverse species contributing to a vibrant community. The restoration’s success will be monitored through a comprehensive framework utilising primary and secondary data, ensuring effective evaluation and adaptive management. Through dedication and community involvement, we aspire to revitalise this precious lake, fostering sustainability and providing valuable insights for future restoration endeavours.