Biodiversity and ecosystems services restoration of Venkateshpura Lake.



Larger lakes, which fall in the heritage category in Bengaluru, have received enormous attention and resources. In contrast, neighbourhood lakes, also a part of the network tank system, are neglected. It has often led to a slow death of the lakes, which are soon encroached and tucked away for development projects. The Karnataka economic report of 2019 points out there is an urgent need to rejuvenate as much of the network of lakes as possible to reduce dependence on the ‘water grid’ (Cauvery water supply), which has its own impacts.

We hope to build Venkateshpura Lake as a model for ‘neighbourhood lake restoration’ that can be scaled up to many other neighbourhoods – in terms of working partnerships, low-cost water quality improvement solutions and voluntary stewardship. The aim of the restoration is to improve water quality, remove invasive species and enrich the lakeshore with plants that support more biodiversity by working along with stakeholders such as the neighbourhood citizens, fishermen and the municipality (BBMP).