Thalavaipandi S
Research Associate, Agasthyamalai

Thalavaipandi S. joined ATREE’s Agasthyamalai Community Conservation Centre (ACCC) as a young child in the ‘Green Brigade’—a group of children trained to raise awareness among local communities about nature conservation and environmental research. Thalavaipandi has gained extensive experience in biodiversity documentation, wildlife scientific equipment handling, scientific data management, and more throughout his journey. Although he pursued an MSc in Chemistry, Thalavaipandi’s true passion lies in sharing his wildlife experiences with others through independently designed educational material, mainly focusing on butterflies and moths. Currently serving as a Research Associate at ATREE’s ACCC in Manimutharu, he actively contributes to numerous research and outreach programs. In his spare time, Thalavaipandi writes blogs and popular articles about interesting natural history and biodiversity observations.