Research Assistant

Sunil GM
Project Assistant

I hail from Karnataka and I’m passionate about conservation ecology. My research interests concentrates towards addressing some of the burning issues in conservation biology. In 2016, I obtained B.Sc. degree in Biological Sciences from the Bangalore University, India. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the course, I got excellent opportunities to explore my interests and eventually I became passionate in conservation biology. I joined ATREE, Bangalore as a project intern and worked in the Indo-German Project in 2017, based at the Rural-Urban Interface in Bengaluru. We assessed Bee Diversity in the Rural–Urban Interface of Bengaluru and Scope for Pollinator-Integrated Urban Agriculture. I have been associated with ATREE for the past 5 years and got the opportunity to be part of several fascinating urban ecology project largely focused on insect pollinators.
Currently, I’m working as a Project Assistant at ATREE at Dr.Soubadra Devy’s lab in an “Indo-German Project, The Rural-Urban Interface of Bangalore: A Space of Transitions in Agriculture, Economics and Society Phase -II”. Here I will be addressing some of the exciting conservation related issues such as landscape effect on pollinator community and pollination service along a rural-urban gradient in Bengaluru.