Nobin Raja
Batch: 2017
Phd Title: Range Expansion, Invasion Genomics and Impacts of Invasive Freshwater Fishes in India.
Phd Guide: G. Ravikanth

I’m Nobin, a Ph.D. student and project consultant specializing in sustainable conservation solutions. My research centers on invasion genomics of freshwater fishes. I possess expertise in molecular biology techniques—analyzing nuclear, mitochondrial, and microsatellite markers, molecular ecology, phylogeny building, and haplotype analysis. Holding a master’s in genomics, I’ve explored diverse projects related to giant African snail, Indian common toad and chytrid fungus. My Ph.D. research involves extensive national fieldwork.

I’m a consultant with GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) advocating interdisciplinary solutions for sustainable community use of Chakpi River in Manipur’s villages. This encompasses ecosystem and socio-economic surveys, fostering citizen science involvement. I’ve presented my research at esteemed international conferences, including Cambridge University. My aspiration is to contribute interdisciplinary skills to address global and local conservation and sustainability challenges. In my spare time, I serve as a teaching assistant for MSc courses and engage in science communication through plays, art and writing.