Iravatee Majgaonkar
Batch: 2019
Phd Title: The study of landscape change and human-wildlife interactions in peninsular Indian savannas using interdisciplinary methods
Phd Guide: Abi Tamim Vanak

Iravatee is an early career researcher trained in wildlife ecology and human-environment relations as a part of her Masters and ongoing PhD degree. She is currently studying how landscape changes in western Maharashtra’s Open Natural Ecosystems (ONEs) impact land sharing between pastoralism and large carnivores like wolves. Prior to this, Iravatee worked with Wildlife Conservation Society-India and Centre for Wildlife Studies, Bangalore as a Research Associate where she studied carnivore distribution in human dominated landscapes of western Maharashtra and north Karnataka. Between 2015 and 2022, she worked on collaborative projects with research NGOs studying social and environmental issues around pastoralism and ONEs. Her long term interests are in studying how ONEs in India’s peninsular region are modifying and how these land use changes impact natural resource based livelihoods and biodiversity.