Chetan Misher
Batch: 2017
Phd Title: The role of invasive species in mediating inter-species interactions in socio-ecological systems
Phd Guide: Abi Tamim Vanak

I am an impassioned wildlife enthusiast, profoundly engrossed in the intricate equilibrium of ecosystem dynamics and species interactions. Driven by unwavering dedication to unravelling nature’s complexities, my academic journey has been steadfastly devoted to the exploration of ecological systems.
My doctoral research focuses on the impact of invasive species within socio-ecological systems. My study endeavours to unveil how native wildlife communities respond over time to landscape shifts caused by invasive plants and animals. Employing meticulous methodology encompassing extensive camera trap networks, controlled experiments, and advanced remote sensing, I diligently collect data for rigorous analysis. This research aims to unearth the nuanced mechanisms governing species interactions and ecological equilibrium, thereby enriching our comprehension of ecosystem functions.
I believe that science should be communicated in a manner comprehensible to all. This conviction drives my dedication to disseminating insights about ecology and wildlife science in Hindi through my writing. It aims to bridge the divide between intricate scientific concepts and the general populace, ensuring that science percolates to all sections of our society to make conservation possible.