Anjan Katna
Batch: 2015
Phd Title: Spatio-temporal variations in resource use among sympatric mesocarnivores in human-dominated landscapes
Phd Guide: Abi Tamim Vanak
The aim of my research is to study the movement strategies that enable survival of mesocarnivores (golden jackal, jungle cat and Indian fox) in spatially and temporally varying human-dominated landscapes. I intend to examine the effects of shifting land use configurations on mesocarnivore resource use with respect to habitats and diets. I will also assess the effects of both natural and anthropogenic factors on habitat use and diet of mesocarnivores. I plan to adopt the movement ecology framework to analyse spatial and temporal variations in movement trajectories, utilisation of multiple land use types by these species and their overlaps in space use and diets. I also aim to explore the differences within individuals of the same species occupying habitats with variations in fragmentation levels and resource availability. The study will help provide an understanding of the processes that enable survival/existence of these species in human dominated landscapes. It will also aim to understand the thresholds in heterogeneity beyond which survival of the respective species is jeopardised.