Anirban Roy
Batch: 2019
Phd Title: Attaining ‘Appropriate Restoration’:Analyzing Reforestation & Afforestation efforts through the lens of Ecological and Community need drivers
Phd Guide: Asmita Sengupta

I have a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and pedagogy and a Master’s degree in plant sciences. For my Ph.D, I am attempting to assess the trade-offs between ecological and social discourses of community-led forest management and restoration practices in the Vidarbha region, Maharashtra. Further, my research entails the estimation of extant carbon storage in standing biomass and soil organic form. I was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, USA where I studied the complexities of forest carbon markets (in the US) to empower marginal forest landowners with access to the market mechanisms. Over the years, I have mustered interdisciplinary experiences through research projects in India and abroad and dabbled in various environmental education programs to aware and sensitize the general public to different nuances of forest plantations and their contributions to climate change.