Amritha Yadav
Batch: 2021
Phd Title: Ecological Changes, State Interventions and Adivasi-Nature Interactions in Attappady, Kerala (1950-2023)
Phd Guide: Siddhartha Krishnan

Humans in their natural milieu and their stories fascinate me. As a geography student, I believe latitudes and longitudes play an important role in ecology and society. Therefore, unravelling socio-ecological realities by placing and correlating them spatially is one of my interests.
I am also interested in understanding the changing interactions of people with nature and their immediate milieu through oral histories. I find relevance in documenting memories of old people.
I am also intrigued about the course of humankind and their choices across time and space. Hence pursuing research on the two-way interaction of societies and ecologies.

Philosophies, poems, and music resonate with me and people induce thoughts.

Grant/ Fellowships
UGC – Junior Research Fellowship