Paramesh Gowda

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Paramesh Gowda
Assistant Professor, Botany, St. Joseph's College
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Thesis Title: 
Functionality of wildlife corridors in the fragmented landscape of the Western Ghats, India: Implications for conservation and management
Date of Graduation: 
28.10.2015, Wednesday
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Journal Articles

Ticktin, T., R. Ganesan, P. Mallegowda and S. Setty 2014 Disentangling, again, the drivers of population decline for two harvested species: a response to Prasad et al. Journal of Applied Ecology 2014. doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.12249 (page 1-7).
Paramesha G. 2013 Interdisciplinary research: way forward for biodiversity conservation. Current Science 105(9): 1202-1203.