Dr. Megha Shenoy

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Dr. Megha Shenoy
Adjunct Fellow
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Book chapters:

  • Shenoy, M. 2016. Grappling with impacts: Environmental considerations around agriculture and food waste treatment in Asian cities. Invited chapter in book Food consumption in the city: Practices and patterns in urban Asia and the Pacific (editors M. Sahakian, C. Saloma, and S. Erkman). Routledge.


  • Shenoy, M. 2016. Industrial ecology in developing countries. Invited chapter in book – Taking stock of industrial ecology (editors R. Clift and A. Druckman). Springer Open Access book on http://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319205700
  • Ashton, W. & Shenoy, M. 2015. A culture of closed loops: Industrial ecology in India. Invited chapter in book - International Perspectives on Industrial Ecology (editors P. Deutz, D. Lyons and J. Bi). Edward Elgar Publishing.


Journal articles:

  • Shenoy, M., Zhang, X., Kashyap, S., Wasdani, P., Vijaygopal, A. Decentralized Solid Waste Management (SWM) Innovations in Bengaluru, India: Segregation at Source and Community Level Wet-waste Treatment (in preparation)
  • Chakraborty, L. B., Sahakian, M., Rani, U., Shenoy, M., Erkman, S. 2016. Urban food consumption in Metro Manila: Inter-disciplinary approaches towards apprehending practices, patterns and impacts. Journal of Industrial Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/jiec.12402
  • Shenoy, M., Radhika, V., Sathish, S., & Borges, R. M. 2012. Composition of extrafloral nectar influences interactions between the myrmecophyte Humboldtia brunonis and its ant associates. Journal of Chemical Ecology. 38(1):88-99. 
  • Shenoy, M., Jain, G., & Parthasarathy, T.  2011. Indian energy policy and strategy: pre and post COP 15. International Development Policy Series: Energy and Development. The Graduate Institute, Geneva. 2: 117-139. 
  • Eckelman, M.J., Shenoy, M., Ramaswamy, R., & Chertow, M. 2010. Applying industrial ecology tools to demand-side water management in Bengaluru, India. Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution. 7(4): 71-79. 
  • Bain, A., Shenoy, M., Aston, W. & Chertow, M. 2010. Industrial symbiosis and residual flows in an industrial area in south India. Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 54(12): 1278-1287. 
  • Arun Dev, S., Shenoy, M., & Borges, R. M. 2010. Genetic and clonal diversity of the endemic ant-plant Humboldtia brunonis (Fabaceae). Journal of Biosciences. 35(2) 
  • Shenoy, M., & Borges, R. M. 2010.Geographical variation in an ant–plant interaction correlates with domatia occupancy, local ant diversity, and interlopers. Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society. 100(3): 538–551. 
  • Ashton, W., Chertow, M., Shenoy. M. 2009. Industrial Ecology – Developing Systemic Solutions to Climate Change and Other Environmental Challenges in Indian Industry, Sustainability Tomorrow: Confederation of Indian Industries. 4(4): 48-55. 
  • Shenoy, M., & Borges, R. M. 2008. A novel mutualism between a myrmecophyte and its resident pollinator. Naturwissenschaften 95(1): 61-65. 
  • Gaume, L., Shenoy, M., Zacharias, M., & Borges, R. M. 2006. Co-existence of ants and an arboreal earthworm in a myrmecophyte of the Indian Western Ghats: Anti-predation effect of the earthworm mucus. Journal of Tropical Ecology. 22:1-4. 
  • Michener, C. D., Borges, R. M., Zacharias, M. & Shenoy, M. 2003. A new parasitic bee of the genus Braunsapis from India (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Allodapini). Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society. 76 (3): 518-522. 


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