Dr. Jagdish Krishnaswamy

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Dr. Jagdish Krishnaswamy
Dean, School of Environment and Sustainability, Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)
Senior Adjunct Fellow, ATREE

Jagdish Krishnaswamy is the Dean, School of Environment and Sustainability, Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS). Link to profile: https://iihs.co.in/iihs-people/team/jagdish-krishnaswamy,  krishnaswamy@iihs.ac.in

He is a Senior Adjunct Fellow at ATREE.

Jagdish Krishnaswamy has a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India and a MS in Statistics and Decision Sciences and a  Ph.D in Environmental studies, Duke University, North Carolina, USA.   

As Adjunct Fellow at ATREE, Jagdish is interested in fostering joint collaboration between IIHS and ATREE on urban ecology, nature-based solutions, citizen science-based monitoring systems for urban environmental processes, ecological restoration, quantification and mapping of ecosystem services  and climate change resilient and biodiversity friendly management of regulated rivers and reservoirs.

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