Chetana H.C

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Chetana H.C
Assistant Professor, Conservation Science, TDU
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Current position: Resource Person, AzimPremji University, Bangalore Thesis title: Assessing the ecological processes in abandoned tea plantations and its implication for Ecological Restoration in the Western Ghats, India. Degree awarded in March 2013. Publications

    Chetana, H. C and T. Ganesh. 2012. Importance of shade trees (Grevillearobusta) in the dispersal of forest tree species in managed tea plantations ofthe southern Western Ghats, India. Journal of Tropical Ecology 28:187-197.
    Chetana, H. C, S. Krishnan and T. Ganesh. 2012. Biodiversity regain in abandoned tea plantations. Current Science 102(8): 1089-1090.
    Chetana, H. C and T. Ganesh. 2011. After tea what next?Current Conservation 5:3-40-41.
    Chetana, H. C and T. Ganesh. 2007. Survey and activity patterns of nocturnal mammals in a fragmented dry deciduous forest of Karnataka. ZOO 22(4): 2644-2647.

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08.03.2013, Friday
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