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Arunima Sikder
Senior Research Fellow
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  • Research Interests

Arunima is broadly interested in mechanisms of community assembly in woody species of rich tropical forests, coexistence mechanisms, and the role of evolution and environment in shaping these communities.

  • Academic Background
  1. M.Sc (Botany), University of Calcutta 2016-18
  2. B.Sc (Botany), Scottish Church College, Calcutta University 2013-16.
  • Publications
  1. ​Research article - Sikder, A., & Moktan, S. (2021). Cypsela diversity in some members of Compositae through LM study and its taxonomic significance. Microscopy Research and Technique.
  2. Book Chapter- Swapna, M., Doma, T. D., Arunima, S., Ravikanth, G., Mariappan, M., & Rengaian, G. (2021). Ecological Determinants of Woody Plant Species Richness in the Indian Himalayan Forest. In Spatial Modeling in Forest Resources Management (pp. 103-123). Springer, Cham.
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Cherry blossoms as indicators of Climate Change.

Waiting for Spring.

[About Arunima- Apart from her research interests, Arunima is trained in classical dance, is keen about music and photography, is a bookworm and also tries her hand at writing from time to time. Arunima has previously volunteered in teaching underpreviledged children back in her hometown at Calcutta in association with BHUMI and aims to continue such initiatives.]

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Journal Articles

Mahanand Swapna, Tamang Deeke Doma, Sikder Arunima, Gudasalamani Ravikanth, Muneeswaran Mariappan, and Ganesan Rengaian 2020 Ecological Determinants of Woody Plant Species Richness in the Indian Himalayan Forest 10.1007/978-3-030-56542-8_4, 103-123, Springer International Publishing,

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