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Nature's contribution to poverty alleviation, human wellbeing and the SDGs (Nature4SDGs) is a 2-year international research project between King’s College London (KCL, UK), Stockholm University (SU, Sweden), and ATREE, Bengaluru (India). It will draw upon existing datasets from 11 sites in the Global South (many developed under the ESPA programme) to analyse the relationship between natural resource management and the SDGs, including the synergies and trade-offs.

The specific project objectives are to:

(i) assess the contribution of nature to multidimensional human wellbeing at local level, focusing specifically on the experience of the poorest;
(ii) analyse the policies and contextual factors at various scales which drive the observed relationships between nature and wellbeing; and
(iii) determine how well local, socially disaggregated nature-wellbeing relationships are reflected in national-level and modelled data from tools such as Co$tingNature to report on the nature-SDGs relationship.

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The Indian component of the project is funded by the Department of Biotechnology
PI: Sharachchandra Lele
Co-I: Siddappa Setty
Staff: Suman Attiwilli <>  (Post-Doctoral Research Associate), Anamika Das <> (Post-Doctoral Research Associate)

Forests & Governance
Dr. Siddappa Setty R
Dr. Sharachchandra Lele

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Anamika Das

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