Past interns and internships

ACCC facilitates internship at several levels. Students and others have conducted master’s dissertation, project work or simply volunteering and assisting with projects. They have spent variable amounts of time - from a few weeks to few months - and have come from India, USA, Canada, Austria, Poland and France. The ACCC encourages all young people who love the out door to intern and contribute to the build up of knowledge of the area for its conservation. It is also an opportunity for students and children from the region to interact with interns and share their knowledge and experience and learn about different cultures and lifestyle in faraway lands.

Internships are available all through the year. To intern with us please write to M. Mathivanan ( field coordinator of ACCC, cc’

Given below are profiles of some interns

  1. Mr. Senthil Kumar, Bharatiar University, Coimbatore. Estimated relationship between fuelwood consumption and land use.
  2. Mr. Stefan Pffier. Austria. Worked on the water management issues in Singampatti for his masters’ dissertation.
  3. Mr. Bob Muscarella, USA. Came here to learn about bats. He developed a bat monitoring programme for us.
  4. Mr. Edward Burgess, USA. Son of the famed canopy biologist, Prof. Meg Lowman. He did a survey of birds in the vanishing dry lands around Singampatti.
  5. Mr. Trevor Cauglin, USA. Wanted to learn tropical ecology and seed dispersal. Did a publishable study on bat-ficus interaction that showed that mild levels of human disturbance do not affect bat visits to fruiting ficus trees.
  6. Ms. Agnisheka, Poland. Excited to be in India to learn how people perceive biodiversity. Did a short study to see whether interventions from NGOs and government help conservation.
  7. Ms. Aparajitha Das, Bangalore. Volunteered and developed a simple medicinal plant guide.
  8. Ms. Kavya Nag, Bangalore. Volunteered and developed a simple medicinal plant guide.
  9. Ms. Priyanka Runwal. Pune. Did the first detailed study of wetlands around Singampatti.
  10. Ms. Abhisheka, K. Bangalore. Did a masters project on use of art to deliver conservation message.
  11. Mr. Allwin Jesudasan, Chennai. Did a study on changes in conservation attitudes of villagers around KMTR after eco-development.
  12. Mr. Yohaan, France. Evaluated whether owls use perches in fields, and helped with the clean KMTR campaign.
  13. Mr. Graham Macdonald, Canada. Land use change inside and outside the tiger reserve.
  14. Ms. Joanna, USA. Helped coordinate the art work for the 2010 ATREE calendar involving child artists from KMTR.
  15. Mr. MurgankPrabu, Pune. Did a short study on canopy insects.
  16. Mr. Mohan, Tirunelveli. Did M. Phil dissertation on canopy litter fauna.
  17. Mr. Saravana, BharatidasanUniv, Tiruchi, Is doing a masters dissertation on “Effects of pesticide use in paddy fields on selected frog species”.
  18. Mr. Dhanapal, BharatidasanUniv, Tiruchi. Is doing a masters dissertation on “Nutrient enrichment of wetlands by roosting and nesting birds”.
  19. Ms. DivyaSekar, Chennai. Helped collect socioeconomic data from selected villages for the wetland project.