Journey of Lantana
Journey of Lantana
Today, except in parts of the Himalayas, the plant occurs everywhere in India. An invasive species that was otherwise regarded as a nuisance has now become the centre of the household economy in BR Hills. In less than 5 years, the cash flow could be seen to transform houses, with people gaining access to a more comfortable lifestyle, including access to television sets, mobiles, and so on.

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India’s renewable energy plants ‘not bird-friendly’
Large-bodied birds such as the great Indian bustard, a resident of the Thar Desert, are particularly vulnerable to power line collisions due to narrow frontal vision and heavy flight, says the study which estimates about...
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100 fish species found in Vembanad Lake
The Vembanad fish count, an annual survey conducted under the aegis of ATREE, to evaluate fish varieties in Vembanad Lake, has recorded 100 species, an increase in comparison to the previous year...
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Species and functional group composition of ant communities across an elevational gradient in the Eastern Himalaya
"Vocal to local - The voice of the indigenous food system on locally available wild food plants and consumption is an important strategy to sustain interrelated food problems of malnutrition and disease. The study emphasizes the dependency...
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Of nature, culture and alcohol: A glimpse into Sikkim’s age-old brewing traditions
What has remained unchanging so far is the importance of these liquors in local customs. Inevitably, though, these customs are now being modified, with an increasing number of people preferring expensive industrial liquors to home-brewed liquors for use in rituals, celebrations or funerals...
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Digital mapping of trees begins
The district administration, Tamil Nadu Forest Department, Tirunelveli division along with ATREE’s Agasthyamalai Community Conservation Centre (ACCC), Manimutharu, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and Nellai Nature Club...
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How smart meters are helping Bengaluru apartments save water - Citizen Matters, Bengaluru
Researchers have suggested a large-scale project to map and carry out further research on Myristica swamps across the Western Ghats...
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