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ATREE has been working closely with the rural communities in the Chamarajanagar district for the past 25 years - to help improve livelihoods, contribute to sustainable development while conserving the forest environment. As part of our continuing engagement and outreach to these communities, we have partnered with the volunteer team of public health professionals working on the ground in Chamarajanagar District to work with district health administration and public health department to set up better critical hospital care facilities in the region.

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GiveIndia Donation Campaign" to bring life-saving medical equipment to underserved rural communities in the Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka
Why are Bengaluru lakes green in colour?
Many lakes in Bengaluru are green, not blue, as you might have imagined it to be. Lakes rich in nutrients such as nitrogen & phosphorus are called eutrophic lakes...
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India’s Effort to Fight Climate Change Involves Cheetahs
Vanak casts doubt on the assumption that reintroduction will directly benefit restoration, as the cheetahs will return to a forest-grassland interface that is, for the most part, already protected....
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Water Talks - Ecological dimensions of India's water security
There is inadequate awareness and appreciation of the ecological dimensions of India’s water security and this has led to policies and actions that diminish synergistic linkages between healthy ecosystems and our water security from head-waters...
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Of COVID-19 and Climate Change, One Is the Tip and the Other Is the Iceberg
Comparing COVID-19 and climate crisis is like comparing apples and oranges. Both share a first-order similarity: both are fruits, or both these crises are rather unprecedented global ones; there is hardly any further major similarity...
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