Webinar - Along the Betwa

Along the Betwa, a webinar and virtual exhibition was held on August 12th and presented by Radhika Singh and Sahil Joshi from MIT India. The event also featured panelists Siddharth Agarwal (Author and Founder of Veditum), Ulka Kelkar (Director of Climate World Resources Institute India) and Jagdish Krishnaswamy (Senior fellow at ATREE). The webinar was hosted by MIT India and moderated by Shahana Chattaraj, Director of Science and Research at World Resources Institute India.

Dr. Lele nominated to Expert Committee as advisor to the Karnataka Biodiversity Board

Dr. Sharachchandra Lele has been nominated to an Expert Committee on Access and Benefit Sharing formed by the Karnataka Biodiversity Boards to advise the board in various matters such as evaluating applications for access to bio- resources, framing procedure for Prior Informed Consent (PIC) of the Biodiversity Management Committee, providing advice on legal issues and framing procedures for fair disbursement and utilization of the benefits from bio-resource use.

Groundwater crises
threaten the poor in India

Dr. Veena Srinivasan's  interview by  Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)  has been published on SIWI's WaterFront Magazine, Issue #2. Dr. Srinivasan elaborates on the looming groundwater crisis of India and its adverse effects that threaten the livelihoods, especially of those residing in parts of rural India. Access the magazine here.

Trees as Nature-Based Solutions

The article "Trees as Nature-Based Solutions: A Global South Perspective" has been published in the One Earth journal on ScienceDirect. This article by One Earth tries to get a consolidated viewpoint from various researchers on the potential role of trees in mitigating and adapting to global change, as well as doing so in a way that does not compromise other Sustainable Development Goals.
Dr. Sharachchandra Lele expresses his views on afforestation through a socio-ecological lens and critiques the undemocratic nature of forest governance implemented in the global south. Find the article here.

Congratulations to Ovee Thorat on receiving her PhD

Ovee Thorat, PhD scholar at ATREE defended her thesis titled, "The political ecology of pastoral development and landscape conservation in Banni grasslands of Gujarat". Dr. Thorat's defence was conducted online and was attended by a record 125 attendees. ATREE congratulates her on the completion of her doctoral programme.

Implementation of Critical Wildlife habitat (CWH)

A perspective piece on the "Implementation of Critical Wildlife Habitat (CWH)" has been published by ATREE and the Kalpvriksh Community Forest Resource team in the latest issue of the Protected Area Update.
CWH is a provision in the Forest Rights Act, 2006 (FRA) that focuses on the conservation of critical wildlife species in the Protected Areas (PAs) of India. It allows the possibility of modification/attenuation of community rights given under the FRA in order to protect habitats of critical wildlife species. It lays down the prerequisites, criteria and procedure for such modifications/attenuation of community rights. The team has also discovered some serious violations of these provisions in certain places and grave irregularities in the ongoing CWH implementation, with the state of Maharashtra being one such place that is currently suffering from these violations and irregularities, which are highlighted in the piece.

EIA and its Willfully Engineered Failings

By Mridula Mary Paul

Socio-Legal Review has published the article "In the Belly of the Beast: EIA and its Willfully Engineered Failings", written by Mridula Mary Paul. The article takes a critical view on the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) functioning in a neoliberal world by looking at it as a political device as well as suggesting that India’s EIA regime has been "propped up in the interest of the prevailing economic system to be subservient to its needs". Find the article here.

Nature Conservation in the New Economy

ATREE fellow Siddhartha Krishnan's book review of "Nature Conservation in the New Economy: People, Wildlife and the Law in India", edited by Ghazala Shahabuddin and K. Sivaramakrishnan is now available ahead of print on Conservation & Society. Find the review here.

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