Moments of progression of partial solar eclipse over the eastern Himalayas captured by Swami Karshni Naresh. The annual solar eclipse occurred on June 21 this year.

How do we solve Bangalore's
lake problem?

This video by Centre for Social and Environmental Innovation (CSEI) provides an overview of lake related problems in Bangalore and approaches to address lake health together. Find the full article on this topic here 

Biodiversity Conservation
Beyond Tokenism

To commemorate "World Environment Day 2020", a virtual panel discussion was organised by  ATREE's Agasthsyamalai Community Conservation Centre (ACCC) in association with District Science Centre, Tirunelveli and Nellai Nature Club, Tirunelveli titled "Biodiversity Conservation:Beyond Tokenism" on the June 5. Topics of discussion included contributing to nature conservation through citizen science, inculcating 'conservation conservation' in young minds, biodiversity related benefits and traditional knowledge with panel members Dr.P.Jaganathan, K.Selvaganesh, Dr.R.Ganesan and M.Mathivanan.
Find the complete panel discussion here

Relief materials distribution to Paliyar tribal families

On 8 June 2020, Pushpalata Educational Centre, Tirunelveli in association with ATREE’s Agasthyamalai Community Conservation Centre (ACCC) distributed rice and grocery items to 77 Paliyar tribal families at Chokkampatti, Puliangudi and Vasudevanallur tribal hamlets located foothills of Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tenkasi district. Since the lockdown, it has been difficult than ever for them to sustain their livelihood as it highly depends on the NTFP from the forests.

Webinar on Critical Wildlife Habitat Declaration Process

ATREE’s Community Forest Resource team collaborated with Kalpavriksh (KV) to organize a webinar on “Critical Wildlife Habitat (CWH) Declaration Processes” on 24 June 2020. The objective was to acquaint members of the 54 CWH Expert Committees set up in Maharashtra and civil society groups working near protected areas (PAs) in Maharashtra with the legal and procedural aspects of CWH declaration.


Congratulations to Ronita Mukherjee, PhD - our lockdown graduate!

Ronita Mukherjee, PhD scholar at ATREE defended her thesis titled, "Consequences of urban demand on pollination service and livelihoods of the reliant communities: A study in the peri-urban landscapes of Bangalore, India." The online session was moderated by external examiner, Dr. K.S. Rao, Professor, Department of Botany, University of Delhi. This was the first online thesis defense organized by ATREE Academy since the commencement of the lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CSEI and SVP form new partnership- Errata*

The new partnership of The Centre for Social & Environmental Innovation (CSEI) with the Bangalore branch of the Social Venture Partners (SVP) organization has finalised a 21 lakh seed grant. This will be instrumental in creating a sustainable business model for the lantana furniture business. With this seed grant, we hope to show that it is possible to not only create sustainable livelihoods for tribal communities, but also removing the invasive plant, lantana, from Indian forests.

New innovative methods to assess ungulate-habitat relationships

The new book title “Spatial Dynamics and Ecology of Large Ungulate Populations in Tropical Forests of India”, authored by Kumar, N.S., Karanth, K.U., Nichols, J.D., Vaidyanathan, S., Gardner, B., Krishnaswamy, J, was recently published by Springer. The book describes a practically tested, cutting-edge methodological framework to assess ungulate-habitat relationships, helping understand key parameters related to population distribution, abundance, habitat ecology and management of tropical forest and improve the scientific basis for conservation efforts.
Find the link for the book here

On endemic Bush Frogs and new Scorpion species

New research paper titled “A new species of Isometrus (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from southern India '' by Sulakhe, S., Dandekar, N., Mukherjee, S., Pandey, M., Ketkar, M., Padhye, A., & Bastawade, D, was published in Euscorpius. The new species is described using integrated taxonomic approach.
Find the full paper here
New scientific article by A.V. Abhijith and Shomen Mukherjee titled “Life-history traits and courtship behaviour of four poorly known endemic bush frogs (Amphibia: Anura:Rhachophoridae) from the Western Ghats of India”, was published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa. The article describes the reproductive life-history traits and breeding behavior of four species of bush frogs endemic to the Western Ghats.
Find the full article here

Ensuring food security alongside biodiversity conservation

The new scientific article by Vikram Aditya, P. S. Sumashini, N. A. Aravind, G. Ravikanth, Chandrashekara Krishnappa and R.Uma Shaanker titled "Reconciling biodiversity conservation with agricultural intensification: challenges and opportunities for India", was published in the latest issue of Current Science. The article discusses the challenge of ensuring food and nutritional security of India's fast increasing population, while grappling with the impacts of climate change and environmental stresses on agricultural outputs.
Find the full article here

Laterictic Plateaus of India are not "wastelands"

New research paper by Madhushri Mudke, K.V. Gururaja, Neelvara Aravind, Ramit Singal titled “Annotated list of anurans from the lateritic plateau of western India with notes on malformations", was published in Checklist, the journal of biodiversity data. The Lateritic plateaus of India support endemic flora and fauna. Despite their uniqueness they are termed as “wastelands”, making them vulnerable to over exploitation through development activities. The article calls for the need to conserve the lesser known amphibian habitats present in the lateritic landscape. Find the link for the paper here

Re-imagining Food Systems

The webinar titled "Reimagining Food Systems: Driving Action for a Post-Covid World" was organised by EAT and The Rockefellar Foundation on Wednesday, June 24. Dr Veena Srinivasan, Director at CSEI, was one of panel members of this event that hosted colleagues from around the globe for a wide-ranging interactive conversation on the challenges at this moment of a pandemic, the critical need and unique opportunity for food system transformation that has become evident in the wake of COVID-19 and future of the food system.
Watch the full recorded webinar here

Human Development in Conservation Contexts

New book titled “Conservation Landscapes and Human Well-Being Sustainable Development in the Eastern Himalayas” edited by ATREE’s Siddhartha Krishnan in collaboration with Soubadra Devy and Neha Mohanty is soon to be published by Routledge. The book adopts a comparative narrative of socio-ecological information generated from interviews, ecological field methods, remote sensing and participatory rural appraisals to provide insight on human development in conservation contexts. Find the book here

Saving Gharials

As part of the World Crocodile Day on June 17, the webinar titled “Saving Gharials with Field Conservationists” was organised by WCS-India and TSA-India on the robust monitoring of captive-raised and released Gharial. Tarun Nair, Senior Research Associate from ATREE was one of the panelists.
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Native plants of the Western Ghats to be documented
*In Shoots and Leaves Issue 49 of the month June that was sent out on 10th July 2020 we had wrongly expanded CSEI as Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion. The correct expansion is The Centre for Social & Environmental Innovation. Error regretted.
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