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There was a massive fruiting of Palaquium ellipticum, the bat dispersed species in the evergreen forest inside KMTR in June-July after many years. But evidence of bats coming in large numbers as in 1994 was poor. Ganesh, T.

A tiger scat was encountered on 25.7.12 whereby a large claw probably of a leopard) was seen within. Since the hairs were black so we speculate that the prey might have been a black leopard. Seshadri, K.S. and Tamilazagan.

The rains have been poor in the Agasthyamalai region. Upper Kodayar dam which should be half full by now has very low water and water for irrigation from most of the dams has been stopped. Ganesh, T.

A Malabar spiny dormouse was sighted that fell to ground from about 10 feet at 11 pm at Wooden Bridge on 24.7.12. Seshadri K.S. and Tamilazagan.

A flock of 3 white bellied tree pies, as part of a mixed hunting party was sighted near Wooden Bridge on 26.7.12. Seshadri K.S.
A spot bellied eagle owl was heard and later sighted in Mundanthurai on 18.7.12. The same species was sighted near Servalar during 'Adi- Amavasai' festival in 2010. A brown fish owl was seen near the tea factory at Nalmukh. Seshadri, K.S. and Ganesh, T.

The “bats in temples” survey has started and we have recorded 6 bat species in about 10 temples. Seshadri, K.S. and Mathivanan, M.


Marie-Noëlle, a student from Groupe ESA, France, is interning with Dr. T. Ganesh till September to assess bat population in temples of Tirunelveli.

Lise Nuninger, a student from Groupe ESA, France, is interning with Dr. Soubadra Devy till September to study the biodiversity in temple gardens in Tirunelveli.

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Volume 6,  Issue 2
      April 2012

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